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SAAB 4441895 Turbo Bypass Valve - Kayser 3.023.348

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The air and fuel systems in your car are some of the most important systems within it.  These systems manage the correct air to fuel ratio that occurs before combustion, these systems being maintained is critical to your SAAB or Volvo running right.  Make sure you take care of them as it can lead to lean fuel mixtures, rich fuel mixtures, stalling and poor running.

Vehicle Fitment:

SAAB 900 1985-1998 4 cyl. Turbo

SAAB 9000 1986-1998 4 cyl. Turbo

SAAB 9-3 1999-2002 (incl. 2003 CV) 4 cyl. Turbo

SAAB 9-5 1999-2009 4 cyl. Turbo & 6 cyl. Turbo

Additional Part Details:

All SAABs need a properly functioning turbo bypass valve, they are essential to happy turbocharger operation as they release excess pressure out of the intake system. 

It's a good idea to always ensure the turbo bypass valve on your SAAB is functioning correctly and they are very easy to test.  Simply pull out the vacuum hose, install a shorter vacuum hose and try sucking the air, you should not be able to suck any air! If you are able to, then it is time to replace it!

Symptoms can be poor acceleration and low boost.

It's also good to know that this is the correct OE part made by Kayser, it is an equivalent part to the previous OE Bosch unit in both build quality and performance.  It is designed to OE specifications and has the correct diaphragm tension and port size for stock application.

Product Information:

Made in Germany

95.00 grams

1 per car

Previous Part Numbers:

4391157, 8981904, 9390022

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