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Volvo 9472979 Clutch Position Sensor - OEM Volvo

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Electrical sensors and switches are very important for the ease of use of your SAAB or Volvo.  Without their aid, your Swedish car wouldn't feel as premium as it does feel, providing you with easy operation of functions and helping with drivability. 

Vehicle Fitment:

Volvo S70 1999-2000 Manual Transmission

Volvo V70 1999-2007 Manual Transmission

Volvo C70 1999-2004 Manual Transmission

Volvo S60 2001-2009 Manual Transmission

Additional Part Details:

When this sensor goes bad, you usually encounter jerkiness when shifting and imprecise clutch feel or you will encounter a message on the dash to depress clutch pedal to start.  This sensor can likely be the culprit.  It can also develop noisiness after many years of driving.

This switch is essentially a potentiometer and the ECU uses the information from it to cut fuel and ignition depending on how quickly the clutch pedal is depressed.  This allows your Volvo to shift as smooth as possible.

Once you replace this clutch pedal switch, make sure to follow correct calibration as so:

  1. With the car off, turn the key to position II (but don't start the engine)
  2. Press the clutch pedal to the floor for about a second
  3. With the clutch pedal still depressed, put the car in first gear and start the engine
  4. With your foot still on the clutch pedal, press the cruise control button and shift the transmission to neutral 
  5. Slowly release the clutch pedal for the duration of a second or two
  6. Turn the cruise control off

Product Information:

Made in Portugal

60.00 grams

1 per car

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